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"When extraordinary ideas meet extraordinary people, amazing things will happen."


Every idea, every invention and every business begins with an extraordinary moment. An idea, passion, drive and interconnection of several individuals' future.


We started EquVici Int and our partners, the mainstay and customers is the strong force that makes this ship to sail. It's customers, partners and EquVici together. It is highly extraordinary.


EquVici want to be part of creating great moments, encourage people to challenge themselves to the limit, and then even more. Creating new experiences for themselves and take others with them.

Everything in the spirit of shared passion for horses, dogs, humans, sport and profession.



EquVici Int


Makes a difference


Work for & support clean sport

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Strong joint increases the quality of life for dogs and horses.


Strong Joint - Provides optimum mobility in horses and dogs.

Strong Joint improve joint function in older animals and those with high

activity. Extremely strong product with natural glucosamine for optimal

mobility and recovery of the horse and the dog's joints.


We have many references that say things like:


"Our dog has become more mobile"

"He can get in the car again"

"My service dog as I thought I need to retire is like a youngster"

  "I have been able to train harder and my dog still feels fresh"

"It is quite fresh now"





Kompeet - All Natural Energy for horses


For many years there has been much said among scientists and veterinarians in the horse industry on the use of high-fat, low-starch and sugar diet on horseback. Most agree that fat is the most effective and energy-rich, yet gentle energy supplements they can bring their horse.


some benefits

  - Additional energy without the "heat"

  - Remarkably high lactate threshold

  - Better endurance and rapid recovery of lactic acid training

  - Excellent for horses that are in danger of tying up syndrome

  - Exceptionally high caloric value.

  - Less stress on the digestive system.

  - No chemical-based compounds or artificial additives.

  - Great benefit for seniors and sensitive horses.

  - Does not conflict with the FEI current rules.

  - Guaranteed GMO-free.